Introducing the most manly safe ever

July 7, 2014
Here at EDGAR we've been pretty vocal about our love for cool man safes; the need to protect your valuables can be just as stylish a business as the possessions themselves. This safe though is probably the most manly we've ever seen. Made by the Fort Knox styled geniuses at Döttling, the Liberty Gun Safe doesn't just do what its name indicates - store your firearms - it also houses your watches, jewellery and cigars. The exterior is upholstered in black cowhide while the interior is lined with precious calfskin - as if to remind you what you should be hunting. Inside, apart from the six drawers that can accommodate ammunition and precious valuables, there is a humidor made from Spanish cedar to ensure your cigars are stored at optimum humidity levels. [gallery link="none" ids="5074,5075,5073"] There is also six automatic Döttling precision watch winders, so your timepieces never go out of sync and several LED spotlights, just to ensure your manly accessories are shown in the best light. Its design is based on the Germany company's Bel-Air safe, so it comes with traditional saddler’s nails and high-gloss nickel-plated protective corners, as well as being near impossible to break into. Excuse us while we place our order for one... Details: