iPhone 6: all the rumours in one place

July 21, 2014
As the countdown to the release of the iPhone 6 continues, the world waits with baited breath to see what amazing new features it will have. We already summed up a few of the rumours about the new iPhone here, but with the plethora of mockups, insider reports and leaked photos doing the rounds, it's nigh on impossible to keep up with the constant rumor mill. However, the guys at French website Nowhereelse.fr have made what we think is the best effort yet at condensing all the rumours into one place. Their smart infographic shows the most popular iPhone rumours and gives them a percentage rating in terms of the likelihood of their eventual reality. While the 4.7-inch screen size is a certainty, and improved RAM and an ultra-slim iPod Touch-like design are likely too, a few more fanciful whisperings include wireless charging, dynamic haptic feedback and a glowing Apple logo. While nobody even knows the release date for the iPhone 6 yet - though probably late September - this is about as good as it gets for impatient Apple fans. (Click the image to enlarge.) iPhone-6-infographic