Is this the future of footwear?

July 10, 2014
The brogue is a classic shoe; timelessly stylish, it's a safe bet that has been the gentleman's choice of footwear since the 1800s. But if we've got one complaint of this classic, it's that it can be a bit clompy. However, from the looks of the video above, we needn't worry about that any more. Shoemaker Cole Hann has put the classic brogue we all know and love on a serious diet, and managed to trim its weight to an astonishing 290 grams. Not only that, but the shoe, called ZeroGrand, is also much more flexible and cushioned than a standard brogue, meaning your feet aren't restricted at all and are left free to bend as you walk. Fewer parts have gone into making the shoe than would usually go into a brogue, which means fewer seams. The result is a shoe that you can barely feel on your feet. With a design that's plenty smart enough for the office and a level of comfort that is more apt for running marathons, we really can't see a downside. [gallery link="none" ids="5327,5317,5334,5333,5331,5332,5330"] Details: visit