Jaguar's virtual windscreen - is it a game or real life?

July 15, 2014
Aren't video games nowadays getting more and more realistic? They really are. It's got to a point where in an advert, we can't always tell what is real and what's made up. You may also have that problem in your future Jaguar. The British automotive company has released a video showing a virtual windscreen concept, which will turn your standard, tedious motorway drive into a game-like experience. The technology is similar to existing heads-up display units except this one covers the entire windshield and uses an augmented reality interface to present the driver with an overlaid vision of the road ahead. Apart from giving safety feedback and highlighting potential obstacles ahead, the windscreen can also show the optimal racing lines and braking points on a track. jagwindscreen That's not all, in a huge nod to the Grand Turismo racing game, the driver has the option to include a 'ghost car' which can drive a pre-loaded lap, allowing the driver to race against their previous time or a competitor's. (We really hope this will be deactivated when on Sheikh Zayed Road.) As well as the display, E-Field Sensing technology is used which allows for gesture controls, so you can give the car instructions through simple hand motions rather than pressing the screen. It looks incredible and we hope it comes to the market within the 10 years that Jaguar has predicted. But if you get one just remember you are in fact in a real car; there's no 'restart' button here. Details: visit