Johnny Depp's Transcendence

April 6, 2014
At EDGAR HQ we have several pin ups of men who we aspire to be like. Men who would grace the front cover of our magazine no questions asked. Johnny Depp is that club; in fact he is in the inner circle of our wall of man love. However, we're also realists at EDGAR. So as much as we are members of the Depp fan club, we accept that occasionally Johnny features in films which aren't, well, very good - the less said about Lone Ranger the better. But our hopes are perked for Transcendence as Depp has a fairly decent cast alongside him in the names of Paul Bettany, Rebecca Hall, Cillian Murphy and Morgan Freeman. Transcendence is a film which will split opinion - most notably between sci-fi lovers and the rest. It's about Depp's character creating a machine which can harness human intelligence as well as emotions, effectively allowing humans to live within technology. If you're trying to decide if it's worth going to see, imagine a cross between The Matrix and iRobot. There you go. Details: in UAE cinemas April 17. Visit