Keeping it stylish in shorts

June 15, 2014
1. Casual-smart First off, shorts don’t have to be scruffy. A nicely hemmed pair of tailored shorts can rival any pair of chinos in the casual-smart stakes. But remember, anything of a business variety must be met with some trouser wearing decorum. 2. Length A tricky one. The rule of thumb is to use your knees as a guide. When you’re standing straight, a couple inches of knee should be visible. If it rides too high then you’re getting into swimsuit territory; too low and you’ll look like you’re wearing very short trousers. 3. Sock-it-to-me Socks with shorts is usually a no-go, but if you must, we insist that you opt for ankle socks – you don’t want to be looking like a (insert European nationality that is stereotypically un-stlyish) man on vacation. We suggest you invest in some slip-on casual shoes like boaters or loafers. They make much better short companions. 4. Good sport The only time high-riding shorts are acceptable is during exercise. Do not, we repeat, do not go into a café or restaurant wearing them – despite what you think no one wants to see your thighs. Go home, shower and put on a proper pair before heading out again. [gallery link="none" ids="3361,3362,3363"]