Lexus launches special-edition LX 570

June 8, 2014
You've got to do something pretty special to impress people in this region with an SUV. The giant gas-guzzlers are so ubiquitous on Sheik Zayed Road that you can't drive on there for more than 10 seconds without one steaming up behind you flashing its lights. But Lexus is pushing the envelope with its latest release - the exclusive LX Super Charger, limited to just 200 units. Launched in celebration of the brand's 25th birthday, the special-edition Super Charger will be powered by a 5.7-litre V8, with - of course - a supercharger, churning out 450bhp and 72kg/m of torque, which comes on tap from as low down as 2,200rpm. So there's no doubt this SUV can shift, but is it any good when you take it off-road? Well, the fact that it boasts the Crawl Control System to help handle steep off-road declines and Active Height Control to increase the ground clearance if needed will certainly help in that department. And Lexus promises that even if you do take it dune bashing, you'll still be ensconced in the lap of luxury due the the LX 570's plush cabin, featuring four-zone independent temperature control as well as a booming 19-speaker Mark Levinson Reference Surround System. [gallery link="none" ids="2579,2580,2581"] Details: Visit