Local Dubai Artists Share Space With Banksy

May 7, 2014
We'd all like to showcase our talents alongside our heroes; the idols of our passion. Just as a kid dreams of playing football with Cristiano Ronaldo, or a budding chef longs to cook a bouillabaisse with Wolfgang Puck, most artists would snap your hand off if you gave them the chance to exhibit alongside world-famous artists. Well, as it happens, 40 local artists from the UAE have taken just that chance. From May 10-20, The Big Picture exhibition at Pro Art Gallery in Dubai will showcase works by local artists - whittled down from 250 applicants - alongside original pieces by Picasso, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Roy Lichtenstein, Jean-Michel Basquiat and street art legend Banksy. [gallery link="none" ids="2186,2913,2188,2189,1179"] The exhibition may not include melting clocks or tins of Campbell soup, but it will cover the spectrum of artistic talents from paintings and photography to sculptures, installation and audio visual art. As the UAE's art scene continues its efforts to grow out of every corner, we can only applaud this move to establish local talent alongside the best of the best. We've never been a dab hand with a brush, but to be displayed alongside these legends of the art world is awesome enough to give even us a pang of jealousy. Details: Pro Art Gallery, Jumeirah Palm Strip Mall. Visit thebigpicture.ae