Lose yourself in the amazing Abyss table

July 27, 2014
With a visually stunning design that evokes a geological cross-section of a dramatic, deep, blue ocean, this striking sculpture is far too beautiful to be used for its intended purpose as a coffee table. Made by luxury furniture company Duffy London, the Abyss Table is the result of a year of development and experimentation with Perspex, sculpted glass and wood. Measuring 160cm by 80cm and standing at 46cm tall, the striking furniture piece is made from layers of high-grade wood and glass stacked on top of each other. Such is its surreal majestic depth it will probably end up being a distraction, rendering any conversation obsolete as you stare into its tranquility. If you want to bring the ocean into your living room then you'll have to be quick because the table is limited to just 25 examples, priced at AED 37,000 each. [gallery link="none" ids="6343,6344,6345"] Details: visit Duffylondon.com