Louis Sidoli: the 'lo-fi' fame artist

August 27, 2014
Getting famous by examining the fame culture, through the portraits of famous people, is pretty smart. Not that getting famous was Louis Sidoli's primary objective, but the mixed media artist is certainly best known for his exploration of popular culture. His most famed work involves taking authentic images from different sources - newspapers, memorabilia, public records - and throwing his own 'lo-fi' filter on them. He also uses unconventional artistic mediums such as a distinctive aluminium and cast resin. His most recognisable works however, are from his Most Wanted and Nothing to Declare collections; the profiles of famous actors, singers and general playboys who for whatever reason, found themselves behind bars posing for the obligatory mugshot. While it's hard to pick a 'most famous' from his collection, the above image of a young Ozzy Osbourne could certainly be the most haunting, especially if you have the added knowledge of his 'life experiences'. Similar shots of Frank Sinatra, Mick Jagger, Al Pacino, Elvis, Prince, Cash, Steve McQueen and more clarify that if Sidoli knows one thing for sure, it's his subjects. sidolisinatra sidoliprince sidolipresley sidolimcqueen sidolijagger sidolihendrix sidolielvis sidolicobain sidolicash sidolibowie sidolialpacino Details: visit louissidoli.com