Luxury holidays are no longer enough

July 13, 2014
It’s difficult to go wrong with a holiday to an amazing destination, but there are certain things that would take a good overall experience and make it a great one. Take the video above for instance. Instead of just visiting the Serengeti, Four Seasons' Extraordinary adventures arranges it for you to actually head out into the wild with a Masai guide to track wild animals. They also arrange this helicopter safari around the Yellowstone National Park, as well as the chance to witness a private performance from a live orchestra while you and your partner enjoy a romantic meal on the stage of the Hungarian State Opera House. [gallery link="none" ids="5312,5313,5304"] These are some of the most exclusive travel experiences we've ever heard about, and we reckon they'd be pretty hard to match - so we decided to see if we could do just that, and search for the world's most exclusive holiday experiences. Here's what we found: Heli sports in Bella Coola, Canada If hurtling down a snow-covered mountain on a couple of thin sticks isn't quite enough of a thrill for you, then why not try doing the same after being dropped in a remote location from a helicopter? That's what this experience from UK-based Hurlingham Travel is all about. Thrill-seeking guests are offered a range of packages, with vary degrees of difficulty and luxury on offer; there's even the chance for you and a few close friends to hire the entire facility, so you'll have a whole mountain range to yourselves and a helicopter at your disposal to take you to the hardest to reach spots. Bella Coola $1 million safari experience One for the serious nature lover with seriously deep pockets, this three-month itinerary from Natural World Safaris will see guests exploring 12 different locations around the globe in search of 18 amazing species. From chilling with emperor penguins in the Antarctic, to trekking through the Bornean rainforest in search of the elusive orang-utan, this trip is a dream for any wildlife buff. And guests certainly won't be ruffing it, with no-expense-spared accommodation and luxury transfers to each and every far-flung destination. 42-56645235  A year of Aman This experience takes the meaning of 'taking a year out to go travelling' to a whole new level. Luxury holiday company Ampersand Travel offers an epic, year-long trip that will see guests visit no less than 31 Aman resorts in 19 countries, spread over four continents. With sightseeing at Buddhist temples in Bhutan, skiing in the Alps and relaxing on the beaches of the Philippines, this promises to be the ultimate year of rest, relaxation and adventure. The hotel chain even promises to pass on a list of your preferences from general manager to general manager each time you move hotel, so everything will be just how you like it on your arrival. [caption id="attachment_5425" align="alignnone" width="956"]Aman Amanpulo Philippines resort.[/caption] An underwater adventure in the Caribbean Sailing standard yachts is so old-hat nowadays - everyone and his dog seems to be doing it. For a bit of added interest, why not charter Pegaso - a super yacht with a difference - through yacht company Edmiston? As well as all the standard luxurious fixtures and fittings you'd expect on a yacht of this standing, the jewell in Pegaso's crown is undoubtedly the fact that it has its very own five-berth submarine, which comes with state-of-the-art imaging and communications equipment and an optional expert scuba crew to help you run it. Available to charter in the Caribbean - a destination teeming with marine wildlife - guests will be treated to stunning marine exploration in the comfort of a luxury yacht. yacht