Make a statement with your trousers

September 13, 2014
Bold prints have nestled their way into our wardrobes over the past few seasons, and now the world’s most notable menswear brands are branching out and looking to add further creativity below the belt. Here are a few things to consider before pulling on a pair of show-stealing, statement trousers. 1. As made clear by the name, – when worn – statement trousers should be the focal point of your outfit. Make sure that you pair them with neutral coloured clothes such as whites or darks, too maximise their impact. trousers.2 2. A sharp looking pattern can also add a flourish to formal attire. The best way to do this is to dress in the classic blazer, shirt and smart shoes combination, but swap out the trousers for patterned ones. The bolder, the better. 3. If you’re not comfortable with a garish modern print, why not start off with a more classic and enduring pattern. Checks or plaid are preppy essentials and combined with a plain polo will make a good casual look. trousers.3