McLaren confirms $3.4m limited edition P1 GTR

June 17, 2014
If there’s one thing that gets us more excited than the launch of a new supercar, it’s knowing that somewhere down the line a newer, better, lighter, more powerful and more eye-catching version will follow. So since McLaren launched its P1 hypercar last year, we’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for its half-brother to follow. Now the time has come, we can tell you it was well worth the wait. The high-end British manufacturer has revealed it is planning to launch a $3.4 million – AED 12 million – version of the P1. The limited-run model will be a track-only car, so expect its levels of grip, aerodynamics, downforce and general styling to be out of this world. McLaren is promising its more extreme powertrain will produce 986 horsepower...gulp. The company says it will resurrect the iconic GTR badge that previously adorned its track version of the McLaren F1, thus naming the new car, the P1 GTR. [gallery link="none" ids="3518,3519"] McLaren has said the reason for the new hyper version of its hypercar is to meet demand from P1 owners – obviously the road-version car, capable of 0-100 km/h in 2.5 seconds - just isn't fast enough. Taking ownership of the P1 GTR includes entry to a minimum of six international drive events hosted by McLaren, at some of the world’s best-known Formula One circuits. The P1 GTR will go into production once the 375th and final P1 has been built, although McLaren says the number of GTRs is still to be determined – but expect it to be extremely limited. The P1’s unveiling last year was followed closely by the Porsche 918 and LaFerrari. So, will the Italians and the Germans soon follow suit with track-only variants? Let's wait and see. In the meantime, all this talk of the P1 has led us to watch this again: the car's hot lap of the fabled Nürburgring.