Meet James Bond's watch master

June 19, 2014

First time

My first watch was a Swatch. It was 30 years ago and I remember it being the first thing that I truly wanted to own. In fact, looking back, it shows just how much of a visionary [the founder of Swatch] Nicolas Hayek was, turning a watch into a must-have fashion accessory. These days it is very common thing, but 30 years ago it was relatively unheard of. Today, everything is about brands – the world is accessories led. Even someone who doesn’t wear a watch is still making a statement.

There’s magic inside

Although Omega watches are not as expensive as some other brands, it is still an aspirational brand. You don’t buy an Omega solely to impress other people; you buy it for yourself and because you know and respect the history. We can rely on the fact that we have created icons like the Seamaster; sent our watches to the moon and that even James Bond wears one! There is magic inside the DNA of our watches.

Bond, James Bond

We started our association with James Bond 16 years ago, in fact, it was the same year that I joined the company. For us James Bond is the typical Omega man – he is a classy character who understands – and values – quality. He has a huge personality but is a deeper and more rounded character than most action stars. He has his faults, but he is human and upholds some very strong values. A real modern gentleman. BASELWORLD2013_speedmaster_moonwatch_black_ceramic_white_background

Shout about it

When we launched our Dark Side of the Moon watch (pictured above) in New York, there was a long waiting list and we only had a few to sell. I remember hearing about one customer who walked in, bought the watch and then requested that we keep it on display in the store and tell anyone who asked after it, that it had already been sold. He said that he didn’t want to wear it; he just wanted everyone to know that he was the first person to buy it!

Risky business

I like taking risks, but I’m not a maverick. I’m not sure I’d still be in my job if I was! Taking risks can be good, but you have to have a sense of responsibility. You would not be able to run a company if you were taking risks the whole time, as there are people counting on you. Although, I must admit that I do love walking around cities such as New York or Hong Kong at night, popping into a bar and having a drink with people I don’t know – those are the kind of things that make you feel alive.

Modern man

Being a modern man is not easy. You have to take care of yourself professionally, but you also have a duty to look after friends and family. I believe that if you push yourself in your professional life to work at 120 per cent, you should also do the same in your private life. In the end, we all have to try and enjoy our lives, and acheive the most we can because we only get one chance. Details: visit