Meet The Creative Genius Behind Berluti

May 11, 2014

The Berluti man

The Berluti man does not have a specific age, but he does have a specific sense of style. He can be a man in his thirties wearing a beautiful suit, or a 70 year old man with sportswear or Grande Mesure formal wear. Regardless of his age, he is elegant with a strong fashion education and an artistic soul. It is this idea of the Berluti man that inspires me while I design. I constantly think of what his personality would be; what he is wearing; his moods etc. It’s like there is a film permanently playing in my mind, and the Berluti man is at the centre of it. When the style or the trend of the collections change from one season to another, it is because this man is moving forward, he is evolving.

Introducing ready-to-wear

Although we are renowned for our shoes, we felt that there was a space in the market for a full crafted, qualitative and handmade collection of clothes (pictured below). We had many requests from our customers to have a full silhouette that could fit well with the Berluti shoes. That is why we designed starting from the bottom to go up to the top.
I would love to know what his inspiration was when he was a photographer; what was his fascination with taking pictures of circus freaks.

First impressions

Whether it is a man or a woman, I tend to look at their entire whole look – how they hold themselves and what they are wearing. But other than that, I must say, I mostly look at the shoes.

Mother knows best

My mother was a tailor, and I found myself falling into that line of work without even planning it – it just happened, I did not make any big decisions. I was following and helping my mother in her work and it was a natural evolution.


I am into small details associated with classic masculine looks. I love using beautiful fabrics like a four-ply mohair or a double-face cashmere for coats and jackets. My trademark in terms of silhouette is to mix volume. For example, mixing oversized outerwear over fitted narrow suits. I see contrast as an expression of modernity. Berluti

Dinner with Stanley

If I could have dinner with anyone it would be with Stanley Kubrick. I would love to know what his inspiration was when he was a photographer; what was his fascination with taking pictures of circus freaks; and what made him change his career to become a spectacular film director.

Modern man

For me, it is crucial that a modern day gentleman looks the part. Make sure you have a vintage watch; a travel doctor bag; a handmade white shirt; a handmade blue blazer and a beautiful pair of Berluti Andy loafers. Details: visit