Meteorite Poker Chips = An Expensive Hand

May 14, 2014
Every house needs a showpiece, something that others see and are immediately enviable of. Sure you can have a magnificent view from your living room across prime real estate, but that's no longer unique in the image-conscious UAE. That’s why, as far as party pieces go, having a set of poker chips handmade from a meteorite that crashed in Northern Sweden approximately 800,000 years ago is pretty hard to beat. Yes, you read that correctly, a poker set made from space rock has been designed and developed by renowned Swedish jeweller Stahl. And yes, it does sound like something Dan Bilzerian would own. (If you're thinking 'who?' - trust us and Google him.) Known as ‘The Meteorite Set’ every piece contains a piece of the Muonionalusta meteorite, which scientists believe crashed in the Sweden Artic Circle a millennia ago – as well as being decorated with diamonds, yellow sapphires and 18-carat white gold. Now considering that this is a meteorite we are talking about here, you’ll have to forgive us for thinking that the asking price of AED 550,000 - $150,000 - is really rather reasonable. Throw in the fact that it comes in a snug custom-made leather briefcase, with a reindeer suede interior and handpainted dice made from Siberian woolly mammoth and it quickly looks like a far better investment than that Downtown apartment with the Burj Khalifa view. poker Details: visit