Newton's Table Of Gravity

April 1, 2014
Reportedly inspired by Sir Isaac Newton’s law of gravity with a collection of ‘attracted spheres’, we’d rather believe the designer enjoyed inspiration provided by a couple of bottles of Louis Roederer’s Cristal before conjuring up this creation. The bubbly melange, with obvious liquid reference, makes it a fitting freestanding piece for any contemporary room. Of sufficient proportions to seat eight or ten for dinner, the gold plated brass spheres are topped with hemispheres with individual inlays of rich myrtle burl. While the top interlocks closely, one would still have to be careful when setting down the glassware after a few refills. This latest creation from Boca Do Lobo’s Limited Edition collection fully tests the new techniques, materials and concepts available to today’s artisans and designers. While appearing to be bound together by nothing more than the inwardly attracting gravitational forces of their mass, this energetic piece also paradoxically reflects itself and its surroundings to exude a charismatic charm. Available in three different variations, this Newton dining table certainly exercises the law of attraction. [gallery link="none" ids="1512,1513,1514"] Details: visit