Nike unveils the ultimate private jet for athletes

September 11, 2014
We're certain that the likes of LeBron James and Neymar don't fly to away games sat in economy. But recent studies have shown that when a team has to travel through three or more times zones to get to a game, the likelihood they'll lose the match is an incredible 60 per cent - even if they're sat in First Class or a private jet. That's why Seattle-based design firm Teague has teamed up with Nike to design this space-age private jet concept especially for athletes. Now you might think that this is just yet another example of sports stars being mollycoddled, but if you look at it from the team owner's point of view, when you're paying a guy like LeBron almost $20 million a season to play basketball, you want him to be at the very top of his game at all times.


But what's so special about this plane that will preserve the abilities of the top sports teams' prized assets? Well, the main thing is space - lots of it. In fact, the jet is large enough to seat up to 400 people, but it's been designed to carry a team of just 13, ensuring that each person on board has ample space to move around. A kind of free-range flying, if you like. Not only is this jet extremely roomy, but it's also equipped with the latest in high-tech health gismos to monitor and treat any niggles or complaints the athletes may have. Add this to the dedicated chill-out room and the nutrition zone, and you've got yourself the ultimate in elite sportsperson carrier. teague-02 teague-03 teague-05 teague-06 teague-07 teague-08 Image credit: Teague. Details: visit