Patek Philippe Unveils Titanic-Inspired Clock

May 26, 2014
In the niche field of classic one-off timepieces built to recognise a moment of history, few horlogerie houses do it as well as Patek Philippe. Especially when that moment was an unmitigable disaster. The ultra high-end watchmaker has built a table clock designed on the theme of the RMS Titanic and it's notorious voyage of 1912, and includes a domed glass ceiling inspired by the ship. The idea for the unique piece is believed to have come after the Swiss watchmaker's chairman Thierry Stern visited the Titanic Quarter in Belfast a few years ago, and put into motion plans to build the clock with local jeweller Lunn's. The clock was unveiled this year in recognition of Patek Philippe's 175-year anniversary and Lunn's 60th. A production team spent five months working on the timepiece, using 25 metres of gold ribbon and 22 different enamel colours. It has a cloisonné enamel dial plate and hour circle with enamelled Roman numerals. It's not often we'd recommend you take a trip to Belfast. But this certainly qualifies as a good reason for a fleeting visit. clock2 Details: the Titanic clock is on display the Lunn’s showroom in Queens Arcade, Belfast.