Recline Like A Swan

April 11, 2014
Few creatures exhibit more grace and beauty on the water than the revered swan. In many ways they resemble a fine yacht; serenely gliding along the surface while below, out of sight, furious paddling provides locomotion. With an elegant form inspired by the sleeping bird, floating gently on the water with its head resting between downy wings, this swan chair would take pride of place in any contemporary salon. The soft yet extravagant lines are realized in a lustrous chrome finish, meaning it reflects the light and patterns of its surroundings in the manner of a chameleon. The product of elusive Iranian architect and interior designer Ali Alavi, the piece entitled Serenad certainly strikes the right note with us. [gallery link="none" ids="1499,1500,1498,1496,1497,1501"] Details: visit