Relax In A Dead Sea Flotation Pool

April 1, 2014

The spa

Being the tallest hotel in the world, the JW Marriott Marquis is a hotel that everybody’s talking about at present and as you’d expect, their spa is every inch worthy of its place there. A large lobby with relaxed lighting is dominated by a small water feature in the centre of the room. Arabic music plays out gently in the background and although there may be no real segregation from the lift you’ve just alighted, you’re left in no doubt the mood has now been dialled down to relaxation mode. Taking its cues from the traditional carvansaray which would be dotted along the Silk Road, giving weary travellers the opportunity to replenish their energy by way of traditional Arabic hospitality. The Saray Spa blends the traditional meaning with a host of modern wellness treatments and techniques. With a cream colour scheme and the occasional Arabic style wooden lattice, Saray doesn’t really offer anything new in terms of design, but it’s sheer size – there are 16 treatment rooms, hydro facilities, a Dead Sea floatation pool and more – makes it certainly one worth visiting. 27810263

The treatment

It’s around the age of 35 that the panic of looking old really starts to kick in. The youthful swagger wanes and you moisturise like a demon. Having a regular monthly facial is the perfect way to keep signs of aging in check and the Saray Spa Facial is a great overall option. Whilst eschewing any radical techniques, it covers all bases well. Using Shiffa products it begins with a gentles skin cleansing routine. This is followed by toner and scrub to remove dead skin cells. To increase the blood flow a jade stone is used to massage your skin (OK, they do have some unconventional techniques) before an energising facemask is applied and the therapist administers a relaxing head and hand massage. You may fall asleep – I did – but that’s a pretty good sign. Finally, your face is moisturised and you’re good to go...hopefully looking a few years younger. SaraySpa7 Details: the Saray Spa Facial at JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, Dubai. Priced AED 765 for 90 minutes. To make a reservation call: +971 4 414 6754 or visit