Sachin Tendulkar gets minted in gold

July 10, 2014
To some, he is a name they’ve heard. To others – mostly Indians – he is a God. And to Maria Sharapova, well, she has no idea who he is. Sachin Tendulkar is arguably the most famous cricketer to have walked the planet, holding the record for the highest number of Test runs ever scored. And now, as a way of marking his fame, a legal tender coin has been minted in his honour to mark his 200th and final Test match. The limited edition coins – struck in 24 carat gold – are valued at around AED 76,000 each, with only 210 being made. sachin1 Delivered in a custom made presentation box, each coin is given an individually numbered and signed certificate of authenticity, as well as an autographed cricket bat from the great man himself. There will also be a second coin made out of silver that will go into wider production. The legal tender recognition puts Tendulkar alongside sporting greats including Mohammed Ali and Nigel Mansell as the few who have been immortalised in pocket change.