Samsung Galaxy S5 Launches In UAE April 11

April 4, 2014
Whether it’s Real Madrid vs Barcelona; Coke vs Pepsi or McLaren vs Ferrari – history has shown us that when heated rivals continue to clash, the overall winner is usually the customer. In the war for smartphone dominance the Apple vs Samsung tussle is the main event prizefight. Step forward the Galaxy S5 – Samsung’s newest title contender that looks all set to step into the unrelenting smartphone arena. Arguably the biggest phone launch of the year the Galaxy S5 builds on its widely successful predecessor, the S4, which is a pretty good starting point. The new phone has a global and regional release date of April 11 and will be priced in the UAE at AED 2,699 for the 4G LTE model and AED 2,599 for the 3G model. samsung1 Never afraid to arm its top-range phones with headline-grabbing specs, the new Samsung weighs in with an impressive quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor, which runs at a blistering 2.5GHz – or in layman’s terms: it’s so quick and powerful that it will go like Gareth Bale regardless of how many apps you have running. The phone comes with a fingerprint scanner, which can be used to unlock your screen; protect your private data and integrate itself with online payment methods such as PayPal. On the back, there’s a heartrate sensor – the first ever on a smartphone – which is designed to play nice with Samsung’s revised S Health app. Of all of its new features, perhaps the most impressive is the S5’s 16MP camera with an autofocus so super-fast (0.3 seconds) Samsung claims it to be the fastest on any smartphone. Over to you, Apple. Details: visit