Screw art!

July 13, 2014
All good artists have to be patient, but California-based Andrew Myers displays a level of patience in his art that not even Mother Teresa could claim. The German-born and Spanish-raised artist uses the unique medium of screws to give his pictures a stunning three-dimensional effect. A typical piece will involve Myers individually screwing in up to 10,000 screws, all to different depths, which he measures by eye, in order to create the amazing 3D effect. The art starts with Myers placing pages ripped out of the phone book on a large sheet of plywood (using the pages from the subject's local area - nice touch). He then sketches out his initial drawing in pencil, before drawing and drilling up to 10,000 holes by hand. Next comes the painstaking process of drilling in each screw, one by one, making sure that each and every one is at the perfect depth. Then each screw is painted individually to create the finished piece. Not only do these wonderful pieces look stunning, both from the front and from the side, but they're also designed to be touched, meaning even a blind man can appreciate their brilliance. 1 3 4 2 5 6 7 Details: Visit