Seve the Movie: watch the trailer

June 25, 2014
Seve - it's only a four-letter name and yet mention it to anyone with a shred of acknowledgement for iconic sportsmen over the last century and there can only be one man you are referring to. It's fitting then that the great Spanish golfer has been immortalised on the silver screen, and even more fitting that 20 per cent of the film's profits will go to the Seve Ballesteros Foundation. Made as a semi-biopic, semi-documentary, young actor José Luis Gutiérrez acts out Ballesteros' childhood, including the well-loved story of how he taught himself to play golf with a broken 3 iron - on a beach no less. But what we're really looking forward to is the incredible archive footage of some of Seve's most famous shots and major wins. Directed by John-Paul Davidson, who is known for his documentary work, you can expect a moving score that combined with scenes of Seve's last few years as he battled brain cancer, will undoubtedly evoke emotion. Details: released this weekend.