Spot Abu Dhabi in the Fast & Furious 7 trailer

November 3, 2014
The seventh instalment in the Fast & Furious franchise is a poignant one, most notably because it was the final film the late Paul Walker made before his tragic and untimely death. Seeing him in the above trailer is eery to say the least, although we anticipate the film will be seen as a celebration of his career and how despite the host of other Hollywood names alongside him, he was always the glue that held the Fast & Furious films together. For film lovers in the Middle East, the heart strings will also be pulled by one of the locations in the high-octane blockbuster - Abu Dhabi. The capital of the UAE is the setting for several scenes, with the trailer giving us a glimpse of Emirates Palace as well as a customary sweeping shot of camels wandering the desert. You can be sure this one will be popular in local cinemas, and will be watched with both sadness and local celebration alike.