TAG Heuer's self-charging phone

August 11, 2014
We've all been there; the dreaded mobile phone limbo. You have less than 10 per cent battery life remaining before your phone dies, rendering that AED 3,000 handset in your pocket utterly useless. If you're not in the vicinity of a charger, it's a panic-inducing experience. But if you have the new phone from TAG Heuer, battery life trouble won't even register on your radar, as the Meridiist Infinite uses a clever bit of tech that recharges the handset while it's on standby. Hidden in its sapphire crystal screen, an invisible photovoltaic component provides enough energy to charge the device, meaning even in its lowest ebbs of battery life the phone will stay alive, allowing you to make that urgent phone call or more likely Instagram your dinner. The Swiss brand - more famous for its iconic watches of course - is making only 1,911 handsets of the model, each forged from grade 5 titanium, carbon and rubber. As a result it looks like nothing else on the market, so while its battery life invincibility may bore the girl at the bar, its looks should certainly start some conversation. tagheuer2 Details: visit meridiistinfinite.tagheuer.com