Taste the diamond of the kitchen in Abu Dhabi

October 16, 2014
Although it may look like nothing more than a common root vegetable, the truffle is in fact the undisputed king of expensive food. How do we know this, you ask? Because when we rounded up the top 10 most expensive foods in the world, a rather large 1.5kg white Alba truffle that was sold for an incredible $330,000 took the top spot. There are many reasons why they're so pricey. For one, the best truffles are extremely difficult to find. They attach themselves to the roots of trees which run deep underground, and can be harvested only by trained dogs or female pigs, who can sniff out their scent.

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As well as being tricky to find there's also not long to find them, as the truffle season is very short, and some years have a better yield than others. As a result the prices are prone to massive hikes if there's a particularly bad harvest. white truffle pasta. Although they can be stored in oil, rice or even frozen, to get the very best out of a truffle you need to eat it fresh, which is why the price often reflects the costs of flying them in from Italy or France. But despite all these complicated procedures and great expense, the craving for truffles is still greater than ever, and that is for one reason and one reason only: they have a deep, rich taste that's impossible to replicate. That's why you need to get yourself down to Cipriani in Abu Dhabi, as the Yas Island restaurant has announced a special truffle menu will be available from now until November 15 - while the truffles are at their freshest. The rare delicacies will be shaved over the renowned restaurant's premium pasta dishes and accompanied with a glass of bubbles offered at a generous 50 per cent off, so you'll save some of the cost of that pricey truffle. [gallery link="none" ids="9541,9542,9543"] Details: Visit Cipriani.com