The 467 km/h Hennessey Venom F5

August 10, 2014
It seems that as long as Bugatti keeps churning out slightly different variants of its game-changing Veyron, Hennessey is determined to be the thorn in its side with cars that, on paper at least, can rival the German juggernaut. The new attempt by the Texan-based company is this: the Venom F5. Building on its successor and unofficially the fastest production car in the world, the Venom GT, the F5 is set to have a top speed of 467 km/h. Now the logical minds amongst you will say that this speed could probably never be achieved on normal roads, so what's the point. But in the race to have the fastest car of all time, logic tends to go out the window. Powering the F5 to achieve its aim will be a twin-turbo V8 that will probably have to produce in excess of 1,400 horsepower. Add to that a more streamlined, carbon fibre body weighing less than 1,300kg and a rear diffuser, rear wing and more underbody trickery to plant the car into the tarmac. Hennessey says it will have a drag coefficient of 0.40 - the GT has 0.44. Expected to debut next year with deliveries set for 2016, Hennessey is planing for a production run of at least 30 with the price surely higher than the GT which sold for $1.2 million. Oh, and why is it named the F5? Because that's the code for a maximum tornado alert. Your move, Bugatti. [gallery link="none" ids="6866,6867"] Details: visit