The 63-year wait for Ajmal's collection

July 3, 2014
When you wait 63 years for something, you can reasonably expect it’s going to be pretty good when it finally arrives. That’s how we feel about the new W Series from Ajmal Perfumes. The brand may have been in the region for six decades, but only now is it releasing its first signature collection. Judging from looks alone however, the wait has been well worth it. Any fragrance released nowadays is not worth the weight of its spray if it doesn’t stand proud in a stylish bottle. So we’re glad that the W Series does just that, with its smooth curves and rough edges oozing modern masculinity. Looks aside, the collection comes in three fragrances: Amber Wood, Hatkora Wood and Santal Wood. So if you’re not a fan of woody smells, maybe look elsewhere. If you are however – and we certainly recommend that any upstanding gentleman should be – you should find one if not all three of the collection were well worth the 63-year wait. Details: AED 500. Visit