The best and worst World Cup kits of all time

June 11, 2014
The FIFA World Cup is a massive stage where iconic moments are created and seen by millions of people around the world. Each player from the participating 32 teams has the chance to do something special that will be remembered forever, and when something amazing happens, you can be sure that photos and video footage will spread like wildfire. So it's vitally important that whoever steps up and writes their place in history looks good while doing it. Many magic moments have been tarnished by a kit-maker's sartorial sins, while some have been improved by classically cool shirts. Here's our rundown of the best and worst World Cup kits ever, and the fashion successes and clangers that will be gracing this summer's tournament.  

The best kits of all time

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And the worst...

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The most stylish 2014 kits

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And the worst you'll see this summer...

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