The best jobs in the world

July 6, 2014
When we heard about Dubai nightclub Societe claiming to offer the best job in the UAE, which sees two lucky applicants being whisked around the world to promote the venue, we found it hard to disagree - especially when we saw where they're going. The lucky winners will party in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Jordan, Thailand and Turkey, all in order to represent the brand. Not bad at all. But it got us thinking - if that's the best job in the UAE, what are the best jobs in the world? And we found these...

Chief funster

As part of Tourism Australia's Best Jobs in the World project, American Andrew Smith has taken the role of 'chief funster'. Yes, that's his actual title. What's a chief funster, we hear you ask? Well, Andrew is responsible for uncovering 802,000 'moments of fun' - one for each square kilometre in New South Wales - in the space of six months. That means he'll be reviewing festivals, tasting locally brewed beers and generally being a Sydney VIP. All in a day's work. funster

Private jet customiser

Eric Roth - no, not the guy who screen wrote Forrest Gump and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, rather his namesake - has to have one of the coolest jobs on the planet. He's in a position where the rich and famous readily hand over their private jets, along with great wads of cash, and trust him to customise them. From solid gold fixtures to alligator-skin toilet seats, the sky is the limit. Private jet


Another one from Tourism Australia's Best Jobs in the World scheme, Englishman Rich Keam is the lucky guy who has the highly coveted role of Western Australia's tastemaster. His day-to-day duties include travelling the region sampling food and drink from all the best bars and restaurants. He also tests the produce of the local vineyards and tastes the freshly caught seafood. This is definitely a job for someone with a huge appetite for success (sorry). RichKeam

Ferarri buyer

The envy of any car buff, Marcel Massini's job is to travel the world with millions of dollars in his back pocket and buy Ferraris for the super-rich. He's one of the world's foremost experts on Ferraris, so he's entrusted by the rich and famous to spot the very best and rarest cars for their collections. And if he's lucky, he might even get to drive one or two of them home. ferarri

Outback adventurer

Ok, this is the last one from the Tourism Australia list we're going to mention, we promise (the whole list is here, if you're interested). For anyone who is into nature, you should be jealous of Irishman Allan Dixon, who is the outback adventurer for the Australian Northern Territories. His job includes sleeping under the stars in bush camps, flying around in hot-air balloons, tasting traditional bush foods, conserving the Australian wildlife and watching stunning sunsets at Uluru. Allandixon

Water slide tester

Adrenaline junkie? Well this has to be your perfect job. Travel company First choice employ university student Sebastian Smith to travel the world and try out all their slides. All-expenses-paid trips to Faliraki, Turkey and Jamaica are all part of the job for the lucky 22-year-old, who has to rate each slide in terms of 'biggest splash' and 'adrenaline factor'. With the UAE's penchant for thrilling water parks, there might even be a local position available. Slide tester

Head koala cuddler

It seems Australia is the place to be for interesting jobs. If you feel like your employer isn't giving you enough love, then the position of head koala cuddler at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Queensland could be right up your street. The docile marsupials need a lot of loving, and it's essential that their handlers give them enough care and attention, including being fed half a kilogram of leaves per day and plenty of one-one-one cuddling time! 42-55846909

Bed tester

No, we're not joking - this is really a thing, and some companies actually pay money for people to go to sleep on their beds. Perhaps at the pinnacle of this profession was British hotel worker Natalie Thomas, who insured her derriere for around AED 25 million in 2011 after being named 'director of bed bouncing' for UK chain Premier Inn. 42-55318158