The coldest place on earth is in Dubai

October 14, 2014
You wouldn't have thought it, given the perennial whinging from residents of how hot and humid Dubai can be, but the emirate is actually home to the coldest place on earth. And no, we don't mean Ski Dubai. CRYO Health is the first clinic in the region to use cryotherapy - the choice of recovery and weight loss for modern-day professional athletes. What is it? It's essentially three minutes of standing in a chamber with sub-zero temperatures that go as low as -140 degrees. Your body starts shaking after one minute and you begin hopping on the spot after less than half the allotted time. Surviving the full three minutes feels like a fair-sized achievement in itself. cryo health chamber Dubai. But why? Why would someone want to willingly put themselves through this skin-numbing experience? Well cryotherapy has huge health, fitness and beauty benefits, and it can also be a great treatment for body pains and sores such as arthritis. The below-freezing temperature rockets your metabolism, allowing you to burn up to 800 calories in one session. Naturally then, if you're looking to shed a few excess pounds, this is a decent way of doing so. If however you're already in fine fighting form and you consider yourself a mock professional athlete, then cryotherapy can be used for muscle recovery. That's why Cristiano Ronaldo installed a chamber in his home, and the Welsh rugby team have been using it for years. Ice baths are medieval in comparison. Extras CRYO Health also offers a facial treatment, allowing you to target those wrinkles or dark bags under your eyes from too many years of burning the candle at both ends. Perfect. cryohealth1 CRYO Health is located at Emirates Towers, Dubai. Visit