The drawings you'd swear are photographs

June 29, 2014
There's not an awful lot we can say about the video above apart from if you have a spare three minutes and 25 seconds today, we strongly advise you watch it. And if you don't have a spare three minutes and 25 seconds then make time, because watching this incredible hyperrealistic art materialise in front of your eyes is quite simply astounding. The artist responsible for this stunning video is Marcello Barenghi, and a quick click around YouTube shows that the Italian has produced many more time-lapse videos of his artwork including 3D bottles, packets of M&Ms and even this portrayal of Iron Man, below. Barenghi uses a mixture of airbrushes, graphite and coloured pencils to achieve his incredibly realistic finish, and he claims that the World Cup picture took him just four hours and 16 minutes to draw. Incredible. iron-man (1) mnm cola glass diamond egg Details: visit