The Dubai supper club with Latin flair

July 26, 2014


There is certainly no shortage of bar options in the UAE. In fact, Dubai’s nightlife scene these days seems more akin to a small version of the United Nations, where every country in the world has some kind of representation. Further evidence of this is Izel – the impressive Latin American-themed supper club and bar at the Conrad Hotel. The enormous space spans the entire seventh floor and is split into three sections: a supper club-style dining area – complete with live stage and nightly Latin musical acts; a dark and moody lounge area with a classy bar and elegant spot lighting; and a specialist cigar room for gentlemen looking for a bit of privacy. Huge Mayan and Inca stone sculptures decorate the walls, while marble pillars, wooden flooring and open-flame lanterns all mix together to create a lively but sophisticated vibe.


Representing an entire continent on a single menu can be a tricky task, but the creation of a country-specific ceviche menu goes a long way to achieving that. In fact, each dish indicates which country it originates from – be it Ecuadorian, Peruvian, Caribbean etc. Factor in some better-known Latin dishes, such as empanadas, croquetas and Patagonian lamb, and you cannot help but be impressed. [gallery link="none" ids="6194,6193,6195,6192,6191,6190"]


Under the gaze of a somewhat bizarre painting of a sombero-wearing lady holding two six-shooter pistols, the Izel bar has two main strengths: the ability to make the space not feel as large and spacious as it actually is; and its well-considered cocktail menu. Offering not only a detailed selection of – you guessed it – Latin American cocktails and mocktails, it is perhaps their ‘smokey’ drinks that steal the show, with several classic cocktails being infused with the taste of cigar smoke.


It will come as no surprise that Izel also has its own cigar room. There are more than 60 varieties of Cuban cigars on offer, ranging from the more popular Cohiba and Montecristo, to the milder Hoyo De Monterrey, all the way to a range of limited-edition sticks, including an excellent 166mm Cohiba 1966 2011 LE10. Naturally they also have an exclusive cigar humidor for regulars. Details: Izel, The Conrad Hotel, Dubai. For more info visit