The man bringing hand-written letters back into fashion

August 22, 2014


I still write letters by hand, especially when it comes to thank you letters. Hand-written letters just seem so much more personal, than emails. One needs to take time and therefore it’s a sign of respect for the person who will receive the letter. These days, it shows a luxury attitude and a certain art de vivre.

Sage advice

The best piece of advice someone ever gave me was to make sure that I always stick to my convictions. It’s important to believe in yourself.

Never forget your first time

I remember the first S.T. Dupont item I ever owned. When I was 18 years old, my father gave me a lighter for my birthday. I can still recall how proud I was to be given one. It was a present to represent that I had officially become a responsible adult. stdupontmeteorite

Haute Creation

These days, unique and bespoke pieces are growing increasingly more popular. That is why two years ago S.T. Dupont opened its Haute Creation department that is entirely dedicated to special customer’s requests. The department allows us to create bespoke and made-to-measure items for our clients. The process takes a little bit longer, but the outcome is something completely unique and personalised. We are very proud of the fact that all our products are still handcrafted in France – which, these days, is a rarity.

Space rock

It normally takes a product at least a year to go from starting the design to the realisation stage. It can take even more when dealing with absolutely unique pieces. One example of that would be the pen that we made entirely made of Gibbon meteorite. A true masterpiece made from one of the rarest materials.

Yes, Mrs President

Traditionally, S.T Dupont used to make leather trunks and high-quality lighters. It’s amusing then that the first ever request for a S.T. Dupont pen came from Jackie Kennedy – who at the time was the First Lady of the USA. She already had a S.T. Dupont lighter that was engraved with her initial. She loved it so much that in 1973 she ordered a pen to match. It was only after that did S.T. Dupont capitalise on the idea of creating a pen made with the same roller used for the lighter. It became known as the “Classique”. Details: visit