The most epic Jet Ski money can buy

October 18, 2014
Unless you're a lifeguard, you don’t actually need to own a Jet Ski-type personal watercraft. They serve a very limited purpose – except for hurtling around the water at breakneck speeds just for the fun of it – and perhaps that is why we want one so very badly. The trouble is there only seems to be a couple of models available and, frankly, what’s the point of splashing the cash – pun intended – if you’re going to be riding the same model of rental craft that you see ripping up the coastline every weekend. This is where the gorgeous – and curiously named – V8 Wet Rod comes into play.

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Designed by yacht maestro Kurt Strand, this luxury personal watercraft could be straight from an Ian Fleming spy novel. Currently still in development, the Wet Rod’s sleek 16-ft body will be made from carbon fibre and epoxy and will be powered by a punchy 300hp, 5.7-litre, V8 engine allowing it to clock a top speed of 105km/h. [gallery link="none" ids="9564,9565,9566"] It serves a practical purpose too, with storage for drinks (presumably bottles of Dom Pérignon) in an ice-box under the seat, while larger items fit in a waterproof luggage box. Like anything requiring you to fork over a small fortune, it comes with optional extras including wood or carbon-fibre inlays, custom paintwork, a sound system, a chrome engine dress-up kit, GPS navigation and the envy of everyone else on the water. Pricey, but totally worth it. Details: visit