The most stylish twins in the business

June 23, 2014

Fantasy island

For the current Spring/Summer menswear collection, we wanted to create our own piece of heaven. The idea was to have a situation where someone with a raw masculinity, like James Dean, landed on a desert island and he had to adapt to his natural surroundings. It is a biker-meets-jungle look with a 1950s edge to it.

Menswear has milage

We always start with our menswear range and then the woman’s range builds on that. Menswear is a bit more practical and honest, and you generally have to work within the established rules, but there is still scope to do something that is a bit more daring. The good thing about menswear is that generally things don’t tend to become super dated. You can have pieces that have mileage.

Two heads are better than one

We both do a bit of everything. Because we’ve been working together our entire careers, we can usually count on our minds going down the same route. In fact, working so closely with each other has helped us enormously because we can constantly bounce ideas and reassure each other that what we are doing is good. We’re like a two-headed monster!

The pair say their fashion tastes have matured as they have.

Time apart

We never really take a break from each other. We’re twins so it’s a weird situation that only other twins will understand. We even go on holiday together!

Keeping it honest

Our business is all about honesty. We are doing something that we truly love and believe in, and the most important thing is that we are our own customers. We make clothes that we would want to buy and wear ourselves, where as some fashion labels will sit down and think, ‘what are people interested in buying?’, or they will look at trends and statistics and predictions about what is ‘cool’. We prefer to look at ourselves and go ‘what do we want to wear?’.

Maturing tastes

When we first started the brand we were making clothes for people in their early 20s, now, because we’ve matured and progressed, so have our collections. Before we didn’t need formal wear because we weren’t going to the Oscars, but now we are so we have introduced a tuxedo collection! [caption id="attachment_3941" align="aligncenter" width="955"]The brothers have also opened up Ceresio 7 restaurant in Milan. The brothers have also opened up Ceresio 7 restaurant in Milan.[/caption]

Take risks

People always advise us to be more cautions with what we do, but that is almost exactly why we like to push the envelope. Our view is that you never know unless you try. When we first moved to Milan from Toronto, we had good jobs and a house, but we packed it all in to move to Italy and start up the label. Everyone said that we were crazy, but our view was that it was better to try and fail, than to not try at all.

Money doesn't matter

We’re not money-driven people. To us, if something doesn’t sell, it is not the end of the world. We pride ourselves on being very real. For example, if we make a fragrance, then it’ll be one that we will want to wear. We are not going to wear something horrible and pretend it’s good just to sell it. The same goes for watches, I won’t wear a watch because of its price tag or because it will make us money – we are not prostitutes! - watch the brothers answer some quick-fire questions in their own frantic style here: Details: visit Image credit: Contour by Getty