The music video masters are at it again

October 29, 2014
What do you get if you take some self-balancing unicycles, a camera drone and an army of umbrella-wielding extras all moving in perfect harmony? The brand-new music video from OK Go, of course. Entitled I Won't Let You Down, from the band's recent album Hungry Ghosts, the video uses 1,500 volunteers to create the amazing finale, which sees each dancer turn into a pixel in a giant human-powered display, spelling out words and flashing different colours. Although the video is extremely impressive, we can't say it's come as a surprise, as the band has form for this kind of thing. Ever since its classic treadmill choreography video for the 2006 hit Here it Goes Again went viral, garnering more than 23 million views, the band has continually pushed the envelope for innovation. And more recently, this jaw-dropping video above featuring the world's largest Rub Goldberg machine took the internet by storm, reaching more than 45 million people. If you've not seen it before, we seriously suggest you watch. You won't be disappointed. Although the actual song is nothing more than a so-so pop number, the amazing video - especially the stunning finale - makes us want to watch it over and over again. Details: visit