The Polo Tech will change what you wear to the gym

September 2, 2014
If you’re one of those guys who rushes to get changed before working out, throwing on any old t-shirt without giving a moment’s thought to how your clothing could actually benefit your exercise, then it’s time to reconsider what you’re doing. US fashion brand Ralph Lauren has released a high-tech polo t-shirt that merges biometrics with its renowned lifestyle apparel; it’s called the Polo Tech. The shirt is fitted with sensors designed to read biological and physiological information as you exercise, before sending that information straight to your mobile device. So in the middle of your gym session, or at changeover in a tennis match, you can read the data and measure a number of variables including your heartbeat and respiration, stress level and energy output. Ralph Lauren is launching the Polo Tech at this week’s US Open in the States. The likes of Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic won’t be wearing it just yet (they’re not sponsored by Ralph Lauren afterall) but for the average exercise connoisseur, this could change the way you look at your workout attire forever. Details: visit