The Return Of The Rocking Chair

April 21, 2014
If there is one piece of outdoor furniture that has been consistently overlooked for its comfort and pure genius, it is the rocking chair. It may convey images of hyperactive children or ageing grandparents who like to sew, but Fiore Rosso is leading the revolution to make the yo-yo lounger trendy. As part of its summer collection, the high-end Italian outdoor furniture brand has unveiled a chic white and sky blue rocker for those who prefer a bit of movement as they read their Dostoevsky novel. Made from high quality wicker and priced at AED 8,100 it's probably the most expensive rocking chair we've seen but it certainly beats sitting still and rigid - where's the fun in that? However, the pièce de résistance from Fiore Rosso's new range is undoubtedly the Belen Lounge. The egg-shaped bed with three entry points is the ultimate way to relax by the pool whilst looking phenomenally cool. Plus the wicker frame will offer slight shading from the sun without affecting your tan. It's yours for AED 18,200. [gallery link="none" ids="1477,1475,1476,1473,1474"] Details: visit