The richest person at this year's US Open will be a caddy

June 9, 2014
Golfers are well known for being some of the best-paid sportsmen in the world. Even the ones you've never heard of have probably made a couple of million. But when the first ball is struck at the US Open this week and the sport's elite take to the course, not one of them will be the richest man walking the fairways. Not Ernie Els with his $75 million. Nor Fred Couples with his $105 million. And not Phil Mickleson with his $180 million. Even if Tiger Woods was playing (he's injured) his $500 million worth wouldn't make him the wealthiest man on Pinehurst's No. 2 course. Incredibly - and for the first time ever - the wealthiest man will be a caddy. And when we say wealthy, we mean mega-wealthy. [caption id="attachment_2716" align="aligncenter" width="626"]Mcnealys Father and son: caddies normally take a small percentage of their golfer's weekend earnings. We reckon Scott McNealy might let that slide. [/caption] Maverick McNealy is an 18-year old university student who has qualified for this year's US Open and, rather sweetly, he has picked his father as his caddy. His father is Scott McNealy, a 59-year old dot-com billionaire. McNealy senior co-founded computer tech firm Sun Microsystems in 1982 and enjoyed periods of huge growth during the dot-com boom years of the late 90s, before selling the company four years ago for $7.4 billion. Maverick's dad isn't a shabby golf player either. With a reported handicap index of 0.3, the billionaire is ranked as one of the best amateur golfers in the business world. Even if golf isn't your sport of choice, you'll want to tune in at some point this weekend. This will probably be the only time you're likely to witness a billionaire carrying someone else's clubs around a course, and taking flak if they get the club selection wrong. Details: Image credit: USGA.