The science behind selfies

July 9, 2014
At EDGAR we've never been fans of the selfie - unless it includes a raft of Hollywood stars like the above - but now, such is the popularity of the craze, Sony has produced a phone that is completely geared around taking them. The Xperia C3 features a 5.0-megapixel front-facing 'PROselfie' camera, with wide-angle lens, soft LED flash, Superior Auto mode and lots of other photo-editing features to go alongside it. It's being marketed as 'the world's best selfie smartphone'. Sigh. Most people would call the selfie a flash in the pan craze that got out of hand and will die out as quickly as it came, but Sony would have you believe different. From the first selfie in 1839 to the term being named Word of the Year in 2013, have a look at the infographic below and check out the fascinating science behind the craze.  


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