The Secret Behind Good Design

June 3, 2014

Balancing act

Design is about balance. You have to create a balance between something that will stand out in your mind, but will remain understated. For example, a timeless piece of furniture, designed 30 years ago, can still look perfectly at home in a contemporary setting. Design is best when it is innovative but also looks both simple and plain.

Real luxury

The definition of luxury has changed compared to ten years ago. People have become much more interested in individual parts rather than the total sum. Luxury is now about understanding the quality in the details. People want the same quality for the interior of their home as they would get with a Bentley or Porsche. With interiors, people have shifted away from just wanting big chandeliers to paying closer attention to the skirting boards, the joints, the amount of natural light, the particular type of marble – that is the new challenge for us designers. It is the new idea of luxury.

Proud Italian

I am a proud Italian. As a culture, we have an incredible sense of beauty in our DNA. We come from a country with breath-taking landscape, a rich history of arts, music and design.  What we try to do is take this beauty and put it into mass production. What inspires me is taking something beautiful and transforming it into something that people can enjoy.
The Gulf is like an open-air laboratory of design – it’s a place where everything is possible.

Golden Gulf

The Gulf is like an open-air laboratory of design – it’s a place where everything is possible. I was only 34 when I designed the 23-storey Radisson Hotel in Dubai Marina – designing such a building in Europe would be impossible. Many creative people come here because there is further scope for them to do something creative.

Hard to please

I am never satisfied with my work! I have just finished working on the new Trump Tower in India, it is an incredible building with a beautiful interior, but when I go there now, all I can see are places where I could have done better. I always say to myself that ‘the next one I will do better’.  That’s what drives me.

The modern man

Passion, is something that every man should have. It doesn’t matter what it is that drives him, it is the fact that he can be passionate about something. I am passionate about design – even if I won the lottery, I would still do what I am doing today, because I love it.