The Starship Enterprise never sounded so good

August 28, 2014
MB&F has never been known for its understated styles or subtle detailing. And last year, the Swiss watch house broke new ground by unveiling its first machine that did not tell the time. Well, the MusicMachine as it is called, was clearly a success on some level as MB&F has now unveiled its successor - the not so originally named MusicMachine 2. The sci-fi inspired music box has been modelled unashamedly on the Starship Enterprise. However, underneath its futuristic guise, the MM2 features all the traditional elements of a high-end music box due to MB&F's collaboration with REUGE, the established music box manufacturer. The craft's two cylinders each play three melodies - a mix of Star Wars and Star Trek themes and Rock 'n' Roll classics - but the sound quality has been improved with a new bespoke soundboard featuring a honeycomb-structurerd Kevlar sandwiched between two 350-year-old spruce membranes. Only 99 pieces of the MM2 will be made - 33 in white, 66 in black - but incase you miss out this time around, MB&F has said it is just the second instalment in a trilogy of MusicMachines. So be ready for the third, sci-fi inspired sound system in the future. [gallery link="none" ids="7451,7452,7453,7454"] Details: visit