The ultimate man travel safe

June 17, 2014
You're going away on your summer holiday and you fancy taking a few pieces from your watch collection along; after all you can't very well be stuck wearing the same watch for the whole trip, can you? Throwing your prized possessions into the bottom of your hand luggage doesn't sound like a great idea, and putting them in your checked-in baggage is definitely not going to happen. Add to that the headache of keeping them safe in your room whilst you're at the beach tanning it up. Luckily for you there's a solution: enter German luxury safe company Döttling, and it's Guardian travel safe. The world's first high-security travel case, measuring 35cm long by 13.5cm wide, the Guardian offers a quite frankly obscene amount of protection for up to six wristwatches, jewellery, cash or important documents. Underneath its calfskin leather case exterior is a double-walled, high-security tube that gives your possessions bank-vault levels of security. The tough metal component of the case is almost as hard as a diamond and can't be breached by drills or saws. The tube also contains polycarbonate - the same material used for police shields - which makes it extremely impact resistant and able to easily withstand heavy blows from all manner of weapons. [gallery link="none" ids="3509,3527,3528,3526,3529,3525"] Even a sledgehammer-wielding thief would struggle to prize this portable safe open. To stand any chance, he'd require a great deal of force and a lot of time, which he wouldn't have, because the Guardian is also equipped with a GPS transmitter so you can track its precise location should it ever go missing. The only way this luxury tube can be opened is by entering the correct three-digit code, which deactivates the safe door mechanism - consisting of four polished, high-carbon steel locking bolts - and voilà: access to your valuables. So before you leave for the south of France this summer with your Patek Philippes and wad of spending money in your back pocket, invest in what is probably the coolest and most secure travel safe on the market. Details: visit