The ultimate round the world tour

July 2, 2014
If only Around the World in 80 Days character Phileas Fogg had the luxury of Banyan Tree's 40-night itinerary. He'd have managed his journey in half the time and with much less stress, but then we wouldn't have had Jules Verne's classic novel, so maybe it's best that he didn't. The special trip, called Around the World in 20 Ways, includes 20 stays for two nights each in some of Banyan Tree's best hotels and resorts, spanning three continents, six time zones and 11 countries. The tour kicks off in the Seychelles, before heading to Mauritius, the Maldives and the UAE, then to China, Vietnam, Singapore, Laos, South Korea, Bali and finally Thailand. We very much doubt that there'll be any disappointments in that list, but some of the highlights include an organic farm experience in the Seychelles, adopting a turtle in the Maldives, relaxing in some Chinese hot springs and exploring the Singaporean rainforest. The trip is available until the end of 2014 and prices start from $50,000 per couple, which includes flights, accommodation, breakfast and various experiences throughout the journey. We'd better get packing... [gallery link="none" ids="4745,4744,4769,4770,4771,4772"] Details: visit