The ultimate World Cup players stat pack

June 19, 2014
There's nothing better than being able to dazzle your mates with a gem of a statistic. They sit there tapping into their smartphones frantically in an effort to prove you're wrong, all the while you can look on smugly, safe in the knowledge that you're a superior being when it comes to football trivia. That's why we just had to share this interesting infographic we found on The Missing Graph. The first in a planned series, it details where each and every one of the 736 players at this year's World Cup play their domestic football, and explores what that means for each nation. For example, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Uruguay all have just one player who represents a club belonging to their home leagues. On the other end of the scale, England has only one player not playing in the English domestic league (Celtic's Fraser Forster), and Russia is the only team that contains only players based in their home country. Anyway, you don't need us to tell you all this. Check out the eye-opening infographic in question below, and prepare to be the smuggest person in the bar. (click on the image to enlarge)

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