The world's first hot tub boat

September 17, 2014
It's the age-old problem everyone is bound to face at one point or another: relaxing in a hot tub is a great way to chill out for a few hours, but staring at the same old scenery while you're in there can get boring... OK, so maybe that's not an issue that affects that many people, but for those it does, there is a solution: the HotTug. Invented by a Dutch company (which may explain the interesting choice of name), the HotTug is basically a small boat made from wood and fibre glass which just so happens to hold 1,800 litres of water that's heated to a luxuriously warm 38° C by a genuine wood-burning stove. Now, we know what you're thinking; fire and boats don't usually mix, but the HotTug's stove is made from stainless steel and has a double-walled pipe, so while it's plenty hot enough to warm your bathing water, there's no risk of it overheating and setting the boat alight. [gallery link="none" ids="8392,8394,8393"] The unusual watercraft comes in two variants - either with an electric motor, which starts at around AED 95,650, or without a motor from around AED 85,500. If you go for the option without the super quiet electric motor you'd either need to buy an outboard or bring along a set of paddles, which we reckon would make the whole experience slightly less relaxing. Although they're made in the Netherlands, the good news for any hot tub boat lovers in the Middle East is that they can be shipped worldwide! Details: visit