This clock is from another planet

July 30, 2014
You may be wondering, is this a desk clock or a space satelite? Well, despite looking like it could take off at any moment, this beautiful creation is indeed a timepiece rather than something that's built to orbit the Earth. You'd be forgiven for mistaking the two though, because the sci-fi-inspired Starfleet Machine is like no desk clock we've ever seen. The result of a collaberation between MB&F and high-end Swiss clock manufacture L’Epée 1839, the clock shows hours, minutes and double retrograde seconds, and has a power reserve indicator to display how many of the impressive 40 days of power reserve is left. Polished hands following the curvature of the central black domes show the minutes and hours, and behind those a smaller rotating dome, accompanied by a revolving radar dish, acts as the power reserve indicator. It's not often we get to use this phrase when describing a timepiece, but the retrograde seconds are displayed in the form of 'turret-mounted laser cannons' on the central hour/minute dial, which cross over each other at 20-second intervals - watch the video above if you don't believe us! Available in ‘light’ or ‘dark’ editions - the latter with ruthenium-finished components - the Starfleet Machine is limited to just 175 pieces, so there's not a moment to lose if you want one on your coffee table. [gallery link="none" ids="6400,6401"] Details visit